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Litigation Support in Arizona

Litigation Services And Support For Arizona Law Firms And Attorneys

Litigation Services is a trusted provider of litigation support and case management solutions for law firms and attorneys across the state of Arizona. Arizona Capital Building

How We Support Attorneys

From forensic services to conveniently located deposition suites in Arizona, we provide the tools and resources busy attorneys need so they can focus their time and energies on case preparation and advocating for their clients’ rights.

Forensic Services

Our forensic services include helping with case management and organization. Using online electronic discovery and our online document repository means you will have access to your case information whenever — and wherever — you are.

We also have a network of skilled, reputable and respected expert witnesses who can add credibility to your case.

Deposition and Trial Services

Litigation Services also offers cost-effective solutions designed to help you collaborate with others and put your best foot forward at trial.

Arizona litigation support services include interpretation and translation services, video depositions and more. With certified and experienced Arizona court reporters and comfortable, convenient deposition suites available when and where you need them, you can be confident about every step of your trial preparation without having to worry about the details yourself.

Corporate Support

We also offer a range of corporate support solutions, including for commercial and medical malpractice litigation, as well as a variety of business intelligence tools designed to help you make more informed decisions that can maximize profits. These solutions are tailored to each corporate client’s needs and budget.

Why Choose Litigation Services?

There are other service providers you could choose to help with trial services or forensics; however, it’s tough to match the depth and breadth of services available from Litigation Services, or the value we can bring to your firm.

Preparing for trial can be a labor-intensive, detail-oriented process. Your clients are counting on you to serve their needs well. When you have the support of an industry leader like Litigation Services behind you, you have a powerful partner in your corner. Arizona firms big and small rely on Litigation Services to provide state-of-the-art technology solutions, integrated tools and services, and dedicated service and support.

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